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  • Mobile Java Application
  • For non-smart mobiles
  • Games
  • Smart Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Social Apps
  • Navigation Apps
  • .Net Environment
  • Windows mobile Apps
  • Smart Apps
  • Server Side Scripting
  • Web Apps
  • Encryption
  • Dynamic Web Pages
  • Ajax
  • Web Designing
  • Client Side Scripting
  • Static Pages
  • Web Design
  • Query Language
  • Back end Storage
  • Maintaining Data
  • Microsoft Sql
  • Windows Storage
  • ODBC
  • procedures, Triggers
  • Cloud Simulator
  • Job Scheduling
  • Algorithms
  • Resource Sharing
  • Front-end
  • User Interface
  • Implementation
  • Intrusion
  • Sharing
  • Resource Allocation
  • Machine Friendly
  • Basic Applications
  • low level developing
  • Class
  • Secure Apps
  • Embedded Coding
  • Style Sheet
  • Website Appearance
  • Properties
  • easy way coding
  • creating pages
  • Dynamic pages
  • Windows apps
  • PC Apps
  • Smart PC Apps

    Why Internship

Internship provides a path for gaining project experience. Despite the GPA, employers prefer a candidate with experience in the same field outside class work.

     Right Choice / Right Course

Freshman year is the most critical year for deciding a right course. Class projects alone may not help one’s confidence in pursuing current course of study. A freshman year internship will help select one’s interested course of study. A sophomore year internship will specialize in programming languages.

     Become a Professional

Information technology operates in a competitive market. Knowledge and skills of employees form the strength of a company. Project experience through internship will help one become a professional.

     Breadth of Knowledge

An internship enhances the way of thinking, working and solving the issues. Many employers require one to take a test before calling for interview. Interviewers often ask one to explain an unusual situation or a critical situation as well as the approach to the problem how it was solved.

     Pre-Employment Experience

Successfully carrying out internship helps one acquire skills required for career based junior year internship or for regular employment. It gives opportunity to utilize class work ideas for project applications.